We’ve all enjoyed the mild winter and this beautiful early spring weather. Unfortunately, for some of us, this means allergy season is right around the corner…and it’s likely to be a vicious one.

Are you tired of popping allergy meds that leave you with side effects? Or maybe you want a more natural alternative to treat your symptoms?

Did you know there are many natural ways to minimize allergy symptoms without needing to use prescriptions or over the counter pharmaceuticals? In Functional Medicine we strive daily to utilize the most natural ways (with least side effects) to reduce symptoms with our patients.  Some of our favorite supplements to treat allergy symptoms are Quercetin, Vitamin C,  Stinging Nettles and NAC.

Quercetin works as a natural anti-histamine. When our immune system is triggered by environmental allergens (e.g. pollen, pet dander, etc) a biochemical reaction occurs which leads to the release of a substance called histamine from our mast (fighter) cells. Histamine is what makes our nose runny, eyes itchy and red, throat scratchy, and creates what we commonly recognize as allergy symptoms… MISERABLE right?
Quercetin works by inhibiting the enzymes needed to release the histamine from the cells. Less histamine release means fewer allergy symptoms.

Quercetin has other beneficial properties. It prevents our cholesterol from being oxidized (the process that makes it inflammatory and sticky which promotes the risk of heart disease) as well asreducing blood pressure. It also promotes healthy vision and supports prostate cell health.

Functional Medicine always goes to the gut 4 Better Health. When we work with patients to heal their guts and when our patients join us in our detox cleanses they often see a dramatic decrease in their seasonal allergy symptoms.  It’s a common “side effect” of the work we do and an example of the fact that all of our body systems are deeply interconnected.  Symptoms, such as allergies, are simply a sign the gut is out of balance.  Dosing for Quercetin is 400-500mg twice daily and best absorbed when combined with bromelain. and on empty stomach.
It is safe to take Quercetin with your current allergy medications while you transition.

Vitamin C – A natural antihistamine, works by destroying the molecular structure of histamine. This actually decreases the amount of histamine in the blood. Dose is 500mg per day taken in through food or supplementation in order to achieve tissue saturation.

Stinging Nettle – Actually reduces the amount of histamine the body produces in response to an allergen. Research has shown 57% of patients rated nettles as effective in relieving allergies, and 48% said that nettles were more effective than allergy medications they had used previously. Stinging nettle also works by anti-inflammatory modalities.

– N-Acetylcysteine suppresses the allergen-induced nasal inflammatory cascade thinning out the mucous while it also acts as an antioxidant to boost the immune system.

Other ways to combat your allergies 4 Better Health with less pharmaceuticals include Saunas, Acupuncture and Chiropropractictreatments.
Looking for a less “medicine-head” way to bust through spring (and home) allergies? We encourage you to try one or more of the above this season from a reputable company (ie: not your local drug store or Cosco/BJs).  A gentile yet effective alternative is this combination supplement which contains each of these natural remedies.

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rebecca a photo“Words cannot express how grateful I am for the individualized care I have received from Lisa at 4Better Health! If you or someone you love is suffering with an auto-immune condition, want more energy and less pain and are looking for an alternative to traditional medicine, you have found it! With their help you will be amazed at the power you have to change your path.” 

Rebecca Alferes 53 Years Old

“Frustrated with conventional medicine philosophy of just take a pill for the rest of your life? Functional Medicine is your answer. Since I first saw Lisa 2 months ago I have lost over 10 percent of my original body weight and have more energy than I can ever remember having.”

Micheal Annantuonio – 36 years old

“After suffering for over 2 years and seeing many practitioners (who often dismissed my fatigue & pain) Dr Zub adjusted my medications and supplements. As a result, my baseline functioning and health is finally better. Dr. Zub works as a partner with you the patient, is earnest, humble and actively learning She is a Gift!” 

C.G., Needham M

“I feel like I have finally found a physician who is willing to work as a partner with me with the goal of improving my health. Dr Zub is an outstanding physician both from a diagnostic and a Functional Medicine perspective. I’ve recommended her to many of my friends.”

Karen Bird – Needham MA

“In a very short amount of time, Dr. Zub has been able to identify and address underlying chronic health issues that I have been dealing with, that other doctors were unable to do. I love 4 Better Health’s approach to treat the entire person thru a therapeutic partnership and get to the root of issues, not just throw medicine at a symptom. I truly sing her praises and have already referred others to the practice. I truly wish I had found Dr. Zub a long time ago as she has been life changing!”

Diane Tamagno

Linda LaCamera(1)“Finding 4 Better Health was a blessing after many years of traditional medicinal doctors /Endocrinologists being unable to get me to feeling optimal. Dr Zub listened to me, truly heard me & devised a proactive plan for me to have a better life. My body is still healing, but I am no longer barely functioning to get through my daily life. I can exercise again without being completely depleted of energy. I have been able to successfully lose 20 pounds. I feel I can always contact Dr. Zub with any questions or concerns I may have. We continue to work together to find the right course of action for my health. I can’t say enough great things about their practice.”

Linda LaCamera

colleen adams“4 Better Health embodies the true meaning of holistic healthcare! Thank you, Dr. Zub, for taking a genuine interest in each aspect of my life affecting my health and vitality; and for taking the time to educate me on the ways in which my body functions on a metabolic level, and the things I can do to better manage my energy and well-being!”

Colleen Adams

“Prior to working with Lisa I’d have to be home-bound one day every other weekend in order to deal with my problem. Now that I don’t need to do that anymore I’m back to hiking/mountaineering, kayaking, bike riding, snow-shoeing, being with friends, and spending time in the White Mountains. I am soo thankful for all 4 Better Health has done for me. You had a MAJOR hand in getting me back into this kind of shape [and I’m looking forward to getting even stronger and more fit]. I feel in command of my life again and I am enjoying doing all the outdoorsy, active things I love to do! What a gift you have given me!”

John Curcio

jenweightloss“My weight has always been a fight. I was having trouble sleeping  and walking upstairs because of pain in my hip and knee. I have tried a million diets but in the end I never felt in control of what I ate. When I made the decision to do the cleanse/detox I had my reservations. But it changed me. What I want
to eat and what my body craves. I feel better than I have in years. I am  sleeping better than ever and taking the stairs every chance I get. In 6 months I’ve gone from 265# to 180#. It’s all planning and consistency!”


I was exhausted and in pain- aching from my neck to toes and waking up 4 or 5 times a night. My doctors told me it was just old age. Within a week of taking a few supplements and small changes to my diet recommended by 4 Better Health; my pain was drastically reduced and I began sleeping so much better. I am doing much more than I had been able to do in a very long time, my spirits are better, my outlook is better and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I would recommend this practice to everyone.

Rose Ciampa 83years old.