The Poop on Poop– 5 tips to Poop Freedom

Functional Medicine follows Hippocrates statement “All disease begins in the gut”…  And your poop is a huge clue as to your gut wellness.
If you’re like 60 million Americans with IBS (aka Irritable Bowel Syndrome = issues in the belly and or Poop department), you’ll want to read these 5 tips to poop freedom – You likely have Dysbiosis.

1st tip:
You should Poop at least once daily.

Where do you sit on the ‘Poop fence’?  Are you are twice a weeker or 5 x a dayer?
Normal for you may not be ‘optimal’.  Our bodies digest and assimilate the nutrients it needs from food. Within 18 hours it ‘dumps’ what it feels is unnecessary (and can be bad for our body to keep around). If we can’t go or go too often we are exposed to poop ‘toxins’ or too little nutrient absorption. Too much , too little and pain (heartburn, abdominal or bum) are signals from our body to fix something.  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Most people benefit from a full spectrum probiotic without dyes, lactose or chemicals (unlike many on the market) with a combo of both Bifido and Lacto.  Fiber helps both sides of the poop fence. If you’re not getting 10 veggies and fruits each day, consider making a daily smoothie for fast and yummy fiber. Recipe: handful of baby kale or spinach, ½ avocado, 1 carrot snapped in ½, ½ apple, ½ banana and berries w/ water (add protein powder if you wish). If you’re still way over on one side of the fence; many find comfort with a gut healer with L-glutamine, Psyllium husk, licorice, etc (not Metamucil that has dyes and chemicals) daily.

2nd tip:
Regardless of what others say- the ‘job’ should be done in under 10 (min).

If you have to bring your phone, crossword or computer with you to the Pooper, you’re likely in need of fiber (see step 1) and Magnesium. Add in Magnesium Glycinate 300-400mg before bed (if this doesn’t work you may need the citrate form like that found in Natural Calm…and possibly a big change of diet). Take out gluten and reduce grains to a minimum.  Add in Ultima powder so you can drink a ton of water with a bit of electrolytes.  If necessary add a Bifido predominant probiotic.

3rd tip:
You should not have
to worry about leaving home.
Are you hesitant to leave home because Poopin’ in public is a high probability?  Or maybe you don’t eat because you know this will mean cramps and bloating?  If you live ‘in fear’ there’s probably an issue with the health of your gut (food intolerance, overgrowth of good or unhealthy bacteria).  Try a gluten and dairy free diet for a month along with a broad spectrum probiotic (step 1).  If you aren’t finding relief, get tested for SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth)…and if positive work with a practitioner who can help you treat the reason WHY your body grew SIBO.

4th tip:
Look at your Poop.
Poop should not be liquid, and it should not be rabbit pellets.  Regardless of how ‘gross’ you think it is too look at your Poop; it’s important to evaluate the consistency, color (black could mean bleeding in your bowel and of course blood needs an evaluation), and quantity.  Look at the Bristol Chart. If you’re not typically a type 4 (3 is ok too, but likely a bit constipated), its time you figured out why and fix it. “Like a smooth soft sausage or snake” or ripe banana in shape.

5th tip
If you’re still having trouble; KEEP TESTING.

All your tests are “Negative” and “normal”.  Colonoscopy, endoscopy, celiac testing, lactose testing, food allergy testing, stool tests, etc… You’ve had them and you’ve tried medication and yet you’re still struggling with steps 1-4? It’s time to dive even deeper.  Stop believing that it’s ok to be bloated, have pain, a need to know where the closest bathroom is or to wish upon that great feeling of finally Pooping.

In Functional Medicine we think outside the “Poop box”.  We don’t believe you “have IBS” – we believe that IBS is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong.  We have different testing to uncover and treatments to resolve your Poop problems.

To Heal: “To make healthy, whole, or sound; restore to health; free from ailment.”
Your gut is the gateway for your immune system, neurotransmitters and nutrient absorption. Stop ‘treating’ IBS – get rid of it.

Are you or someone you know struggling with IBS?  Join me this week at my IBS presentation

Heal your gut… heal your body…. Poop on….

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